The Ultimate Burger Press

8oz. Burger and 4oz. Slider Set

Ultimate Burger Press

Let me show you how it works

Juicy. Juicy. Juicy.

Great for Keto Burger Bowls or an Old Fashion Burger

It's Simple. Easy. Juicy!!

    The Advantages of the Ultimate Burger Press

    Donut Shaped Burger?

    One Piece Design?

    No Bread Needed?

    Cook From a Frozen State?

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The Proof is in our Burgers!
See what everyone is talking about..

This product keeps the meat toward the outer edges instead of getting fat in the middle like all my burgers before. I can promise you that using the Ultimate Burger Press is not the same as just pressing in the middle with your fingers; I thought that at first but now I KNOW it’s possible to shape every burger perfectly on the first try.


Using the website to order the Ultimate Burger Press was an absolute breeze. The purchasing process was so user-friendly and only took a few minutes! Our grown children have eaten burgers made with the UBP at our house several times and will be pleasantly surprised to receive them as Christmas gifts this year. (I’m excited I can chose a color for each of the kids to personalize it.)


I really appreciate the fact that the Ultimate Burger Press is only one piece. It’s so much easier to use and store than all the other burger presses which have multiple pieces. With this one, I no longer worry about losing pieces. One piece is DEFINITELY the way to go!


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