Why I decided to make the

When I first started preparing burgers I made my patties by hand. My burgers would always puff up in the middle when cooking. They were juicy in the middle and dry on the outside. I loved the juicy center and always loved the outer ring of the burger because of the grilled caramelized flavor, but the outer-ring of the burger was dry.

The birth of the

That’s when the DONUT-SHAPED-BURGER was born! I simply shaped most of the meat in the middle to the outside ring of the burger. I was able to take the two best parts (the juicy center and the grilled caramelized outside) of a burger and put them all in my first bite!

The Proof is
in the Burger

I have made the DONUT-SHAPED-BURGER by hand for more than 20 years and then decided to design the Ultimate Burger Press. I hope you and your family and friends will truly enjoy the Ultimate Burger Press as much as my family and I do! There is nothing like a grilled juicy burger!!

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I really appreciate the fact that the Ultimate Burger Press is only one piece. It’s so much easier to use and store than all the other burger presses which have multiple pieces. With this one, I no longer worry about losing pieces. One piece is DEFINITELY the way to go!


It was just as easy to use as the website’s video demonstrated. I was skeptical at first but now I “make the juiciest burger EVER” according to my fiancé. We are seriously considering them as thank you gifts for our wedding party. We know our family and friends will love them as much as we do.

                                                                        -Jan Cook

The Ultimate Burger Press is ingenious! The center really does hold all the toppings in place just as it is advertised. I am also THRILLED that there are two different sizes! The smaller press is perfect for our younger kids!